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I love nut butters. They add an extra ‘something’ to lots of meals and, yes, I’ve been known to eat them right off the spoon! Whilst they might be calorie dense, they’re a great source of fibre and healthy fats. Here I present my ultimate guide to nut butters to give you the lowdown on this must-have food staple.

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Fat is not the enemy

Before we get to the nut butters, I think it’s important to explain why fat is essential to include in your daily diet. You can find out more information about fats and the other macros in this post

I absolutely love nut butters and yes, I've been known to eat them right off the spoon! Whilst nut butters might be calorie dense, they're a great source of fibre and healthy fats. There are lots of different nut butters and they now come in all sorts of flavours. Here is the ultimate guide to the best nut butters so you can switch up your nut butter game and take it to the next level! | Best Nut Butters | Nut Butters Benefits | Nut Butters Comparison | #NutButters #PeanutButter #AlmondButter

The Ultimate Guide To Nut Butters

I remember the days when the only choice available in the shops was Sunpat, so if you want to take your morning oats, protein shakes, or all manner of meals to the next level then keep reading!

Peanut Butter

First up is probably the most well-known of the nut butters; good old peanut butter.  This is such a versatile nut butter. It goes with oats, protein shakes, and even in savoury dishes like curries. If you want good old plain peanut butter than you can get this in smooth or crunchy varieties.

Nowadays there are some exciting varieties of peanut butter including flavours like Birthday Cake and S’mores. If I was curious enough I might buy flavours like these as a treat, but I like to keep my nut butters pretty straight forward.

Almond Butter

This is another of the popular nut butters. I personally find that almond butter can become a bit sickly if I eat too much, and I say that as a real lover of almonds/almond butter.

Almond butter goes really well with oats and protein shakes and is great for use in baking.

If almond butter alone isn’t enough for you then how about trying this chocolate and almond butter?

the ultimate guide to nut butters

Cashew Butter

When I think of cashew nuts I think of those tiny packets they usually sell in pubs. However, cashews now come in all manner of varieties; both sweet and savoury.

I was equally surprised to find cashew butter is a thing. When compared to its peanut and almond butter counterparts this is one of the more expensive nut butters, but my goodness it is delicious!

Cashew butter can be used as a substitute for creamers in hot drinks like tea or coffee. Or, you could switch up the traditional chicken satay sauce by using cashew butter rather than peanut butter.

Pistachio Butter

I only discovered this nut butter fairly recently. Like cashew butter, it’s one of the more expensive nut butters, but I thought I’d treat myself and try it out.

As you’d expect, it’s basically pistachio nuts in a spreadable form. If you’re wondering what on earth you can do with this nut butter besides mixing it into oats, here are some ideas:

  • Heat it in the microwave until it’s a more liquid consistency and drizzle it over your ice cream
  • Blend into a smoothie
  • Add to olive oil and season to make a salad dressing

As you can see from the photo below it has a slight green tinge, like with the actual nut. If you’re a lover of pistachios then you won’t go wrong with this. 

the ultimate guide to nut butters

Hazelnut Butter

I’m a big fan of hazelnut milk, so I remember when I saw this I was keen to try it out.

As with most nut butters hazelnut butter goes well with oats, but is a particularly good combination with chocolate. Which is just as well, given that chocolate and hazelnut butter exists!

If you’re a baker then this would certainly add another layer of flavour to cookies or brownies. For something a bit simpler, try adding a tablespoon into a chocolate protein powder shake. It’s like drinking that famous chocolate-hazelnut spread! How can you possibly go wrong??

Triple Nut Butter

If you’re not satisfied with one-nut-butters (try saying that five times at speed!) then how about a nut butter which contains almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews?

I haven’t personally tried this one….yet. It’s on my list, but I need to work my way through the others first. The reviews are very positive though, so it is definitely one to try.

Which nut butters will YOU try?

I hope this list has given you some food for thought (pun intended) when it comes to choosing nut butters.

What ones are you tempted by??

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