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So, I haven’t purchased gym leggings in years! Honestly, I have the same few pairs of black leggings I bought around 2016.

To be fair they’ve got me through some heavy training sessions. But they’re looking pretty tired and black feels a tad boring these days!

As you might be aware I recently became a GRRRL Ambassador. I love the ethos and energy of this clothing brand. Plus, the clothing designs are awesome!

Because I purchased these leggings myself, I only got two pairs on this occasion because #Money. But, I know there’s a lot of interest in the brand so I thought you might want to see how I got on with them.

I also gave them the all-important squat-proofing test!


What I bought

The first pair of leggings I’ll review is the Imperial Purple Shiny Couture Leggings.

These fit like. A. Glove! Honestly, they’re like a second skin! I decided to wear them out on a walk. Because, who doesn’t want to look funky when they take the dog out!

The waistband is mid-rise. I must admit I usually prefer high-waisted gym leggings. But, I knew these were mid-rise when I bought them. They have a good amount of stretch and give a flattering shape all over!

The leggings have a small pocket on each side of the waist for things like cards and keys. The stretchy mesh adds a ‘textured look’ to the leggings.

I love the colour and they gave my legs a really nice shape.

In fact, forget the gym I’d happily wear these with some boots for a night on the town!

Back in my home gym I gave these the squat test. I wore some light-coloured underwear for the occasion! My pooch Cookie helped me put my squat shoes on.

I’m happy to say that not a knicker was seen as I squat down!

The second pair of leggings is the Recycled Blue Isis Next Level Leggings.

At the time of writing, these are some of the newer leggings in the GRRRL collection.

They’re high-waisted and are made from recycled fabric (27% spandex, 73% polyester). So, not only are GRRRL putting out awesome designs they’re reducing their carbon footprint too!

I LOVE the Isis design on the left leg. And, like the Purple Shiny Couture Leggings, they feel like a second skin. 

They’re really comfortable to squat in and as you can see, they passed the test with flying colours!

Final thoughts

I love both pairs of leggings. They’re both super soft, feel like a second skin, and really flatter my figure.

However, the Recycled Blue Isis Next Level Leggings are my favourite of the two. Blue is my favourite colour and I love the unusual design. Plus, they are high-waisted and I feel more confident with that waistline.

As well as in the gym, you could definitely wear the Imperial Purple Shiny Couture Leggings on a night out, or just running errands! They look really slick and are super comfortable.

I’m not quite brave enough to wear these leggings while I deadlift, though. There are times where I drag the bar up my shins. And, I definitely don’t want to ruin either of these leggings if I can help it!

However, that still leaves four other days of the week to look fly while I do my dumbbell flys!


Each pair of leggings costs £34.00. I admit I’m not used to spending that amount of money on leggings. Don’t forget I haven’t bought any for years!

However, when compared to some other brands I feel that GRRRL Clothing’s prices are reasonable, given the amazing designs and excellent quality. Plus, I love what the brand stands for which is why I became an ambassador.

If you’d like to save a bit of money (who wouldn’t) on these leggings or anything else from GRRRL then use this link and the discount code 8f55255z. You’ll get 20% off your first purchase!

What fitness wear are you currently on the look-out for? Are you a fan of funky designs?

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