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I’ve learnt a lot about fitness, nutrition, and mindset through different fitness YouTubers. So, I want to share my 5 favourite YouTube fitness channels with you!

I feel that ‘fitness’ doesn’t really describe these channels accurately because they’re much more than that.

They’ve given me a lot of inspiration on my fitness journey. I’ve learnt lessons that I can take forward in my relationships with others, in my life, and my career.

Now, I know there’s no female fitness YouTubers in this list, but I’ve got a post coming about that!

So without further ado, here’s  my 5 favourite YouTube fitness channels!

1. Omar Isuf

I’ve been watching Omar’s channel since around 2016.

He puts out a lot of content relating to lifting form, nutrition, how to get lean, and how to get stronger.

Omar also has a clothing line called Raskol Apparel with some awesome designs. Just be aware that if you’re ordering from the UK you’ll have to pay additional taxes.

One of the reasons I enjoy Omar’s channel is that he presents information in a simple way. He’s not arrogant and you can tell he makes his videos to help others.

He’s also the co-host of the Iron Culture Podcast, along with Dr Eric Helms, which is a great podcast covering subjects like bodybuilding, strength training, and nutrition.

 2. Dave Tate/Elite FTS

Dave Tate coaches elite-level powerlifters, so I’m a couple of year’s off that (sarcasm!).

He’s got a wealth of experience having competed at the highest level. If you ask Dave a question to answer on his Table Talk Podcast then expect a no BS answer!

He’s had a range of guests on the podcast, but the one that stands out for me is Jim Wendler who developed the 5/3/1 lifting program.

I find their episodes together to be really inspirational. They talk about lessons from lifting, life, and business. Well worth a watch.

3. Alan Thrall

I heard about Alan Thrall through Omar Isuf’s channel as they’ve collaborated on videos together.

Alan has his own gym called Untamed Strength. He makes videos about subjects such as lifting form, weight loss/gain, and competing in strongman.

Like Omar he doesn’t take himself too seriously, but his videos are full of great information.

I recently took some cues from a video he made about setting up for the bench press. It really helped my bench form become much more solid.

4. Jordan Syatt

Jordan talks about topics such as nutrition, being consistent to reach your goals, disordered eating, and having a healthy relationship with fitness.

He completed a 30 Day Big Mac Challenge where he ate a Big Mac every day, but remained in a calorie deficit.

The point he was making was that you could eat a Big Mac every day and still lose weight, because weight loss comes down to calories in versus calories out

Jordan doesn’t recommend that people eat a Big Mac every day. However, he does encourage people not to place restrictions on their diet which could lead to binge eating.

You can tell that Jordan is committed to helping others with his channel as his passion comes through in his videos.


5. Pure Bullfit

Kevin from Pure Bullfit is another fitness YouTuber who brings a no BS approach to sharing health and fitness information with his audience.

He calls out ‘influencers’ who put out misleading information on YouTube.

Equally, he will own up if he’s made a mistake and got information wrong which increases his level of integrity in my opinion.

Again, Kevin’s YouTube fitness channel doesn’t take itself too seriously and he has some fun skits on there with his lovely wife.

And that’s it! These are my 5 favourite YouTube fitness channels!

Do you follow any YouTube fitness channels not listed here? Who’s your favourite?

Let me know in the comments!

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