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Flat tummy teas and drinks seem to be everywhere lately. I see them advertised on social media and even YouTube influencers are getting in on the action.

Are flat tummy teas really the answer to achieving our body ideals? Or, are they selling us something which isn’t sustainable? 

I went on a little scour of the internet to find out the ‘Tea’ (see what I did there??) on flat tummy teas.

I also check out a few other products such as waist trainers and appetite suppressing lollipops.

There’s a video I made below accompanying this post which goes into more detail about each product. Prepare for sarcasm and annoyance set to 11 (that’s a Spinal Tap reference, in case you’re interested!).

What are flat tummy teas?

As their name suggests, they make the pretty “straight forward” claim that they reduce bloating and give you a flat tummy. Different brands have different ingredients, and different directions for use.

They’re not cheap either. One product costs about £120 per month!

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    Flat tummy = weight loss?

    Perhaps this is just a mis-perception on my part. But, the impression I got is that the brands equate, or ‘align’, a flat tummy with weight loss.

    And why wouldn’t they? Because this is likely going to increase the interest, and purchase, of their products.

    So, the question I have is “what happens if people stop using the tea?”. Are they going to be concerned that they’ll lose their flat tummy? And, does this then keep them in the cycle of buying the products?

    One of the teas I looked at gave me cause for concern as it contains senna, which is a laxative. And laxatives are something which are often abused by people with eating disorders.

    Now, I couldn’t see how much senna was in each sachet, but this could be a product which is abused by people who have difficulties with their relationship with food.

    Metabolism-boosting teas

    One of the other teas I looked at claimed to help boost metabolism. Again, I got the impression that this was being linked to a quicker way for people to lose weight.

    Even if any product could do this, the “boost” would be negligible. There’s evidence to say that fat burners and metabolism boosters are not worth anyone’s money.

    My view, they’re totally not worth it.


    Meal replacement shakes

    I found this to be one of the more worrying products. Again, my video talks more about this shake and the brand promoting it.

    Essentially, one shake is 140kcal and the suggested use was to replace two meals with this.

    I calculated this against my daily calorie allowance and was really shocked. The calorie amount even fell way below the calories I’d consumed when I did my own fat loss phase!

    There is NO NEED to replace your meals with shakes. I get that some people might find them helpful. But, I think they have the potential to keep people in an unhealthy cycle of dieting and rebounding.

    If you calculate your daily calorie allowance, you can then figure out how many calories you need to reduce by in order to lose weight.

    It takes a few calculations and made need to make adjustments along the way. But, it’s better to get your calories from whole foods than from a shake where you’ll likely still feel hungry after you’ve had it.

    Appetite Suppressant Lollipops

    I believe these were promoted by one of the Kardashians, who got a lot of flack for it. When I looked none were available on the website, so I don’t know if the product has been pulled or if it’s genuinely out of stock.

    I have a few things to say about these, and similar such products.

    Firstly, if you’re hungry, eat! Hunger is a natural response from the body telling you it needs more food. Some caveats though…

    There are times where we may get hunger signals which may actually be linked to a lack of sleep. Certain hormones are triggered which may inhibit signals telling us we’re full. We may even get signals telling us that we’re hungry when we’re not. In these cases, make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

    Also, feeling hungry might also be a sign you’re dehydrated. So, drink a couple of glasses of water before you eat anything and then see if you’re still hungry.

    If all the above are okay and you’re still feeling hungry a lot of the time, then I’d recommend going to see a medical professional to talk about this further.

    Please don’t buy appetite suppressant products. You’re better off being able to maintain your weight through your own coping strategies, rather than relying on products like these.

    Bonus product reviews

    I also had a quick look at waist trainers, a tummy tightening cream (really??), and some weird lotion that you wear in combination with a waist trainer to make you sweat more.

    Again, in my opinion, these are all products claiming to do something that exercise and dietary adjustments can do much better.

    Sweating more does not mean you will lose more fat. In fact, sweating has nothing to do with fat loss.

    If you sweat you’re losing fluid from your body, which could lead to you weighing less on the scale. But, this is not true weight loss. It’s just water weight.

    I would steer well clear.

    These products offer “quick fix” solutions to weight/fat loss. And in today’s culture we like things to be done yesterday. So, these products fit in with a lot of people’s views on weight loss.

    However, weight loss isn’t something to do quickly. If you rush it, you’re likely to put the weight back on and perhaps even more.

    Weight loss is an investment in your health. If you do it properly it will pay off in the long run.

    If you are looking to lose weight/fat in a healthy, sustainable way, then download my FREE eBook above. There are no gimmicks, no dodgy drinks, just straightforward practical advice to help you achieve your weight loss goals and keep the weight off.

    What are you views on flat tummy teas and other flat tummy products?

    Let me know in the comments!